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We are a roofing company who provide honest quotes and roof repairs which are done to last.

The last thing anyone wants is a leaking roof, it can cause permanent damage and become extremely costly if left unattended.   

Here at 247 Leicester Roofers we make sure that we inspect the problem thoroughly so that the repairs are quoted correctly and will avoid any further reoccurrences. 

All our roof repairs in Leicester are done with attention to detail. We repaired many roofing structures including houses, garages, porches, sheds and conservatory roofs.

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Why use 247 Leicester Roofers Repair Service

One of the most popular enquiries we get is for roofing repair quotes. Roofs are constantly being exposed to weathering so it is important to keep them in the best possible condition, this gives them a better chance to last for decades. 

We have years of experience building and repairing roofs in Leicester, and have therefore built up a loyal customer base. 

We do not use pressure sales tactics to encourage you to invest in a new roof if it is not required. All our quotes are genuine and honest.

Our team will explain to you exactly what the issue is and how we would look to carry out the roof repairs.

Our aim is to maintain high standards and be the most reliable roof repair company in Leicester.


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Flat roof repairs in Leicester

All types of roofs can have issues and flat roof are no exception. The most common materials we use are EPDM rubber and felt roofs.

Flat roof repairs are generally easier to locate, the most frequent areas where issues occur are around the lead and where it joins the the main structure of the property. 

The cost for a flat roof repair tends to be less due to the material costs and the labour required is not as extensive as that of a pitched roof.

If you have any concerns with your flat roof then contact us today, to see how we can help.

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Roof repairs Undertaken

There are many roof repairs that we undertake, they consist generally of the following jobs:

Tile replacement – A simple replacement of missing tiles,  on occasions the water damage will have effected the felt underneath which may also need replacing.

Ridge Tiles – Repointing of ridges is often required as part of the maintenance of your roof, over the years weather can loosen the mortar which can make the ridges loose, hazardous, and also cause water leaks.

Chimney Damage – Repointing a chimney and rebuilding the structure. This is also where a lot of leaks can originate from.

Lead and flashing – Lead and flashing can come away from a building, it is important to ensure that these are water tight as much as possible, and if required new ones are installed.

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Urgency is important when it comes to roof leaks and repairs.

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